Ordinary People, Doing Extraordinary Thing

I am extremely grateful, thankful and humbled today for the special people that watch my daughter every day. When I began looking for childcare again 18 months ago, the first place I called and visited ended up being the place I chose. I visited many times, talked to the owner and the director several times and not only loved the facility but the atmosphere. Once we started all of the workers, not just the teachers in her room but the cook and the floating helpers, the directors and other teachers in other rooms just fell in love with Aylin. It was great to take my child somewhere where I knew she was being loved on, and maybe even spoiled just a bit.

Every room that she's been in the teachers talk so highly about her and just love her to pieces. All of the younger ladies argue over who should get to baby sit for her the next time. Aylin has even been known to get offended if Mrs. Nancy (the director and grandmotherly type) comes to her room to give them all attention, and Aylin had her feelings hurt that she was 3rd in line to get kisses. Clearly she *feels* loved by these amazing people. Could I really ask for more? Amazing care, by sweet loving people!

But there *IS* more. Mrs. Nancy knew that Jeff had been laid off. She pulled me aside one day just before the Thanksgiving break and asked me what size clothes and shoes Aylin wore. I told her, and then she tells me "Christmas is taken care of, don't you worry about a thing". I struggled with it for a while, several days even. I kept thinking "surely there are others out there who are in more need than us", "So we really deserve such a gift"? Then some friends of mine convinced me that clearly God has placed it on this woman's heart to bless us. Not only does she get the joy from being able to bless us, but by accepting her gift WE are allowing God to work through her and to feel HIS Love and Grace. And nothing touches a momma's heart more, than someone loving on her baby. Today as I dropped my daughter off on my way out of the door she loaded my arms with clothes, snow boots, and 2 large toys to wrap for Christmas.

Thank you Father for your Love and Grace. Thank you for teaching me YOUR definition of grace, not man's. I am so unworthy, but You love me anyhow. My cup runs over.