Jesus Loves Me, This I Know...

This simple children's bible song is going around and around in my head this morning. What is ironic about that is the fact that I probably haven't heard or sung it is many many years. But it is so so true. He loves me, and I know it. MY Heavenly Father has been showing himself to me in ways that I never thought possible. This past week has been the most amazing week, in terms of spiritual journey's, that I have ever experienced.

God has been showing me how much he loves me, and that I am not alone. He's telling me there is nothing to be afraid of, that He can repair things that are broken. He is not just some distant figure available out there to call on when someone is sick or hurting. He's right here, with his hand on my shoulder wispering words of love, acceptance, and encouragement into my ear. He's holding me tight, and showing me that it's not by my own strength that I move forward but with His.

I think back to the Footsteps poem where the single set of footsteps appear, and God explains "I did not leave you, that is when I carried you". He is, and has been carrying me. I am basking in His love. He is faithful to provide exactly what we need.