Ahhh Num New! XX

This is what my daughter tells me yesterday while being in the tub, after being a rascal! She had been exceptionally misbehaved in the tub, and I was just about to call it quits when she suddenly realizes that she's pushed me too far and sits down like a perfect angel and plays nicely with her toys. She proceeded like this for probably 10 or 15 minutes. I got distrated for a moment and wasn't giving her my full attention, so she comes over to the side of the tub where I was sitting on the floor, grabs my face between her wet hands to get my attention and says "Ahh num new!" and proceeds to give me two open mouthed kisses in a row. I sat there and blinked for a moment or two until it registered what just happened, and then my heart just melted right then and there. A big pile of goo. I grinned back at her and told her I loved her too and she grinned and laughed a proud laugh. It was a very sweet moment. Love that sweet kiddo!!