Adventures in the Kitchen, with Teena

Over the last month or two I've been enjoying branching out and cooking new things. A lot of which stems from what we get from our farm share each week. By going to the Farmers Market each week I then got hooked on trying meats from local farmers as well. I want to see if I can keep track of all these new and exciting things!

¤ Lamb shanks roasted with (fresh) rosemary and (fresh) garlic butter. With onions, new potatoes, and baby carrots. *all items were either from our farm share or purchased at the farmers market! ** this meal was amazing!

¤ Cole slaw from farm share cabbage (and store bought carrots and dressing). *next time I'll make my own dressing. And next time I'll know that a little dressing goes a long way...

¤ Skillet cabbage (shredded cabbage, sliced green peppers, brick of cream cheese, salt & pepper). Cabbage and peppers were from the farm share. * very delicious! Makes a lot! Probably better as a side dish as is, or if done as a meal add sausage.

¤ Bisquick made shortcake * this may seem trivial, but I stumbled upon it when I had strawberries I needed to use but didn't have shortcake. Turns out I'll probably never buy those little store cakes again!

¤ 100% homemade blackberry cobbler. * made from blackberries from the farm.

¤ Oven roasted bourbon honey peaches. Peaches from the farmers market topped with homemade whipped cream.

¤ Homemade whipped cream! * now that I've discovered how easy - and super yummy - this is homemade I'll default to this over the tub stuff!

¤ Roasted leg of lamb with (fresh) Rosemary, carrots, golden potatoes, and onions. * only the onion was store bought. ** super delicious!

¤ Homemade fresh salsa! Made from onion, tomatoes, banana peppers, and garlic from our farm share (plus 1 1/2 jalapenos and lime juice from Walmart). * can't wait to do this again. Sooo delicious!

¤ Apple wood smoked sausage added to the leftover skillet cabbage. *Jeff cooked the sausage **Yum yum yummy!

¤ Spaghetti (store bought sauce) spruced up with fresh sauteed onion, green pepper, and tomatoes from the farm share. The remainder of the apple wood smoked sausage added in.

¤ Meatballs made with ground lamb and ground pork from the farmers market. Diced green pepper, garlic,and onion from farm share in the meatballs. * these were amazing!

¤ Sauteed Swiss Chard. * definitely different, will use less of the stalk next time. Very good flavor in the greens.

¤ Homemade ice cream! We've done a chocolate, peanut butter, with chocolate chunks and then also a vanilla peach with farmers market peaches. So much fun!

It seems like there was more, but thats all I can think of off the top of my head.

Stay tuned for more Adventures in the Kitchen with Teena! ;-)